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Homemade Cat Shampoo

Unless you started bathing your cat when he/she was just a kitten, bathing a cat is definitely not the easiest thing to do. Felines detest water and regardless of how much love they usually show you, when they know they are going to get wet, the instinctive protection and claws appear.

Before you start a few things you need are a couple of towels, some natural cat shampoo (bought or home made), a bowl or pitcher, a sponge and the mind set that you are probably in for a scrap. First run a couple of inches of water in the tub and place one of the towels in the bottom where you plan to bath your cat. Then, go and get her, pick her up as if you were just going to pet her or take her for a treat, and head for the bathroom.

Cats are very intelligent, so when you enter the bathroom they will most likely start struggling because they have already figured out you are up to no good. So, before you put your cat in the tub and begin, be sure to close the bathroom door. If you have had a cat for long you know; if they escape and don’t want to be caught, they won’t be caught. Not only are they fast, they know the places, like under the bed, where it is difficult to get them. If you have already succeeded in getting her wet down and applied shampoo, if she should escape you are going to have a mess on your hands if she has the whole house to run through.

Now that, you have your supplies ready, the door is closed and you are ready to start. The first thing that will probably happen as you try to put the cat in water is she will suddenly become firmly attached to your arm with those very sharp claws. Just bite your lower lip and ease her down in the water while talking in a soft, gentle voice. Hopefully she will calm down after a couple of minutes. Continue talking quietly in a loving, reassuring way and begin to wet her down. After she is wet, take a safe, natural cat shampoo and slowly massage it into her fur. She may even like this part. After you have finished bathing her, gently wash off the shampoo. Be sure and get it all off so there will be nothing left that could possibly irritate her skin. Lastly, dry her down with the towel and put her in her favorite resting place.

Luckily for the owner, cats spend half the day bathing themselves with their tongue, so you only need to wash your cat very few times a year, for instance in flea season. All the same, try and remember when this task does come to hand, to use natural bath washes when shampooing your feline. Click here for great home made shampoo recipes you might want give a try. Some of them are even dry shampoos that don’t require water. Your cat would probably love you to give that one a try first.

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